Morning Message

Sunday 5/24/2020

Our Response to the Coronavirus

a message from Pastor Deane


Dear Church Family,   

I just concluded a meeting with several chairpersons and our County Health Directory, Larry Johnson.  We are going to fully comply with Bishop Bard's recommendation.  For the remainder of March we are cancelling all worship services, meetings, gatherings, and events.  We are going to do our part to help mitigate the corona virus. Because this has been declared a national and state emergency, and with Bishop's Bard's recommendation for all United Methodist Churches in Michigan, it is in our best interest to follow the necessary guidelines.


I along with necessary staff persons will be in the building duirng the week to maintain ministry as much as possible. Noah's Ark is still in compliance with all regulations that pertain to their program and they will remaind open.


The Administrative Council and Finance Committee will conduct their regular meetings via telephone conference.  All other committees will be asked to handle only necessary work via email or phone.


As I have stated [previously] it is vital for the ongoing ministry of Owosso 1st that we continue to practice good finacial stewardship.  Therefore I urge you to continue your faithful giving either through the mail or electronically.


Tomorrow morning ( 3/15/20) I will be emailing a devotional in an effort to offer some spiritual nourishment.  For March 22 and 29, with the help of those who are far more techie than I am, we will be posting on Facebook and the church's website a worship service.   

I will do everything that I can do be here for you.  Please don't hesitate to call me, email, or I will be glad to meet with you.  I am in good health, but I will do all that is necessary to insure your health and well-being.


We are blessed to have faithful and committed leaders, and it is indeed a blessing to have the advice and knowledge of Larry Johnson.  Rest assured that we taking all necessary steps to stem the spread of this virus.


At the present time it is our intention to resume the normal flow and activity of the church's ministry beginning April 1, which has been suggested by Bishop Bard.  If for any reason this changes  we will let you know.


If you know of anyone who may not have access to email please contact them with the information that I have shared in this email.  


"Be still and know that I am God...," I find great comfort in those words, as found in Psalm 46:10.  This is temporary but God is forever.  We will keep our eyes on Jesus and steadfastly do all we can to manage this unprecedented time.


By God's Grace,   

Pastor Deane