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Two Points of View
regarding the future of the United Methodist Church



The Rev. Rob Renfroe
Rob Renfroe has been the President and Publisher of Good News since 2009. He has been involved in United Methodist renewal and reform for many years, having served as the President of the Board of Directors of The Confessing Movement before taking the leadership role at Good News.

Rob is also the pastor of adult discipleship at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, Texas. At his local church, Rob is charged with helping all adult members of the church to grow in their faith, to discover their calling, and to find a place to serve Christ and others; but he is especially drawn to serving the men of the congregation. He leads the popular Quest, attended by 300 men on Tuesday mornings and 225 men on Sunday evenings (eight weeks each fall and spring).

Rob, a graduate of Rice University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, has served The Woodlands United Methodist Church for 16 years.


Hosted by the Rev. Rob Renfroe

  1. The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing – the theological and spiritual issues surrounding the division within the denomination.

  2. Our Differences Regarding the Bible – how divergent views about the Bible creates division within The United Methodist Church.

  3. Our Differences Regarding Jesus – how differing views about Jesus creates division within the United Methodist Church.

  4. Our Differences Regarding Sexuality – how United Methodism’s departure from traditional views on marriage and sexuality has created division within The United Methodist Church.

  5. Why It’s Time for Traditionalists to Leave The United Methodist Church.

  6. Where Should we Go? The Rev. Rob Renfroe makes the case for moving from the United Methodist Church to the Global Methodist Church.

"I (Adam Hamilton) have recorded a brief response to each video to clarify the misinformation that is shared about United Methodists. I hope these video responses might be helpful to churches and individuals seeking to discern whether to leave The United Methodist Church

You’ll find this video series on a new website called Proud to Be UMC. The series includes the following videos:

·         Why UMC?

·         Love of Scripture

·         Committed to Christ

·         Human Sexuality

·         A Future with Hope

·         Where Should You Go? 

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